Senin, 02 Januari 2012

Write Your Dreams!

I have just remembered about this statement from one of my friends.

He said "Write your dreams" for his last statement about his opinion about me.

And I do, I wanna start to wrote them.

Of course in my personal note, not here :D

Dream is something which is on our mind,
if we aren't write them, you'll probably forget them.

New year's atmosphere is still felt here, especially in my own self.
You can write all of your dreams.. as many as you want.

That's not an useless thing to do since after you wrote them, you'll always be reminded which dream you have already reached and which the others that maybe haven't reached yet.

Let you yourself do everything which you want to achieve.
write everything you want to get this year
and let your note always reminds you every time you forgot it.

Do it now!
Take your note, think about your plan for this year
change any bad condition which happened on your past
try to learn much from them
and plan for your brighter future

Go write and reach your dreams!

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