Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

50 days of Love

We never know when it was started. But today, the fact said that we have to say good bye ...
Sometimes, life is really unpredictable.
I never ask God to meet you in my life
but you came with a bunch of happiness.

Time was passed, we never realize what were we doing during 50 days here
we just enjoyed our daily activity together with smile and happiness every time

I though God has a better plan for us
that's why we have to be separated as now

I believe it will happen permanently

I'll meet you again in the different place, but in the right time
on that time when you and I will have been ready for God's scenario

of course with a beautiful end of our story

See you there~
in the beautiful place when God has already prepared for us
after both of us have already reached all of our dreams

and on that time, i believe everything will be much more beautiful than was happened today

I'll always be patient waiting for that time comes.

See you <3

Minggu, 18 Desember 2011


What makes you special?
You're just an ordinary human. You have neither miracle nor magic.
Yet they who ever lived in your life came back into your qiet life today.

What did they really want from you?
From the deepest heart, you yourself never really understand exactly.

In the past, they left you easily for some unacceptable reasons.
But today, they think they can come back as easy as they ever did before.
Your heart doesn't have enough space to put them anymore. Moreover, it only an useless thing to do.

How can they go and return easily as their wishes?

They glimpse you. It only happens when thet had boredom feeling with their own life.
You resemble a shelter to take. They never really care about what you feel inside.
Be patient. It won't happen permanently.

You only need to keep believing.
Be taught in your way, in yor decision which you have made.
Every decision need sacrifice to go on ...
Focus on your primary purpose, just trying hard not to really care about what they said or what they did.

They who were really your truly friend will always support your decision as long as it doesn't prohibite God's rules.

Just stay on your way ...
And keep doing the best thing for other people surround you persistently.
You must make them smile as much as you can!

So, what makes you special?
Only God knows the answer.
"The one and only thing that i have is ... this persistence"

Keep Spirit! :)

Reddish Island

The reddish light was shining me directly below my head. I’m almost blinded by that glare. Suddenly a shadow came closer to me. I kept standing there, waiting for that shadow show its shape.
Surprisingly, that shadow was you. Your face was still hidden behind your long flowing red robe, but I could identify you easily.

“Where have you been? I’m almost burned down waiting here for you…” My tears were endured.

I tried looking for your face behind that robe.
You kept quiet. You bowed deeper than before. That made me harder to find your eyes. I could not find it whereas I’m trying harder to do that.

I couldn’t restrain my tears dropping on my cheek.
This sob were heard, it is touching your heart exactly.
Finally, you opened your robe. Reddish light was shone around you. It made me impressed.

You put your palm on my cheek, you wipe my tears.
“Stop crying, sweetheart. I went for a long time to find something special for you” your voice calm me down.
I was trying to stop crying. I wanted to see what you’ve brought to me.
You showed something on your hand.
There was a crystal red heart lied on your palm. It was shining the reddish light.

I love red. That’s why I love staying in here even it means I have to wait you for so long time.
This island taught me a lot of valuable things. Waiting for such a long time won’t always ended up with sad story.

There was a smile depicted on your face. Sincere smile which could make me feels like flying to the moon.
There were so much reddish light here. The sun was starting to go down/ it also reflected reddish light. It increased this romantic situation.
Here, there were only you and me standing face to face. Your tender hand held me lovingly.
Let me stayed in this way. I didn’t wanna feel loss anymore.
I begged you not to ever go again. We have found what we were looking for very long time. So, there was no excuse for you to go away from me once more.

Right now, in our hand we are holding this reddish heart. Day by day, I promise to keep this heart patiently in order that this heart will grow bigger than before.

“This heart was mine, but furthermore I want it to be ours…” your last statement affirmed my conviction.
You held my hand tighter, it made me feel more peaceful.

“Thank you for your beautiful gift. I’ll keep it with my whole heart…”

That was the end of that day. The glow around us was getting darker. But the light from this reddish heart won’t ever stop shining.
It reflected our love that will never stop loving each other, until the end of time …

created by : dwardhani
In my warm room, December 17th 20.20

Jumat, 16 Desember 2011

Lovable Mushroom in a Lovable Village

What date is today?? hihi..
i'm so excited to post this :)

Finally, after a very very long journey.. I found a better place to spoil my stomach :D

I found Mushroom Cafe! Yeah.. it is located in front of Apollo Store (sorry, i forgot the name of that street)
But exactly, everyone in Pare know where the Apollo Store is located.

Mushroom is one of my favorite foods :)
Yeah, and it become a heaven when i found a Restaurant which have full menu about Mushroom :)
I have been staying in here for about one month, and this is for the first time i have lunch in 'Restaurant' :p

These are some pics to show you how Mushroom can be very attracted to me :)

How's your opinion? :)

Need another pic ? hehe, oke.. here they are ...

Looks like Mushroom Pizza, isn't it? :)

But actually, i don't care about that name, hihi

Next day, i'll come back to have something to eat there... I promise! :)

When i've found mushroom to eat, i feel like forget bout the other things around me :D


Rabu, 14 Desember 2011

Love Writing (?)

I am writing a letter to you right now.
I always write it every Sunday morning after we have separated since 3 months ago.
You went to Dutch after you had gotten scholarship on there.
I am going to send this letter to the post office tomorrow.
I always go to the post office by bicycle when I have already written the letter.
Last week, I met your parents in the post office.
Your parents and I are going to pick you up in the airport next month.

Well, those are some sentences which i did for my final exam in Grammar one
hihi, actually that was very simple story to tell, but i'm proud of my own self
Taking grammar program is a very bored thing to do, but i try to enjoy it day by day...
At least, i can write (even) a simple story with correct grammar :D

As you know, i am a girl who really loves writing so much
And by now, i want to improve my skill to write in English version
Of course just simple story as i wrote in the opening of this post :)
I also want to write poems in English actually, but i'm not be able to do that. (I meant, not yet) Someday, i believe if i have strong will, i can achieve that hope :)
Yeah, that's one of my hopes, not just wishes :)

Honestly, I want to take writing and translation program also. But unfortunately, i didn't have much time to stay here :(

Oh, I almost forget! I haven't told you before where I was now :)
Next, I promise to make a special post about this lovable village :)

So, see you in next posting!

P.S : Always improve your language everyday. Special for speaking, never worry to make some mistakes. Just say it! as tagline's from my English course, Mr. Bob Said : "Speaking without thinking!"

Kamis, 08 Desember 2011

Deal or No Deal

I'm definitely sure not to make any deal with you anymore~

Goodbye Past

and Say H-E-L-L-O for a brighter future with full of happiness, here, of course with you :)

Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

Birama Cinta

Untaian nada yang tergambar,
semakin indah bertahta di dinding hatimu...

ia terjalin mesra dengan bingkai cinta kasih,
lembut menenangkan jiwa-jiwa yang kadang meragu akan cintamu

Birama, nada dan melodi, terpaut mesra membentuk keindahan yang sempurna...
Aku mengagumi keindahan yang senantiasa kau goreskan itu

Kamu menari diatas sana, gemulai mengibaskan sayap-sayap sempurna yang memayungi cinta yang kau punya

Sosokmu jauh lebih sempurna dari gambaran-gambaran yang pernah hadir dalam tiap mimpi-mimpiku...

Aku ingin kau tetap disana...
Jangan mendekat saat ini...
Aku kini sedang memantaskan diri untukmu, belahan jiwa yang telah lama aku impi-impikan

Sosok dan keberadaanmu berada sangat dekat
Namun Tuhan, biarkan ia tetap disana.. di singgasana terindahnya

Suatu hari nanti, disaat aku telah pantas bersanding dengan kesempurnaannya, barulah kirim ia ke sisiku

Jaga dia disana ya Tuhan ...
dan aku akan tetap menjaga diriku, memantaskanku dengan sosoknya

Aku ingin saatnya nanti, kami bersanding dalam keindahan yang seirama
Layaknya birama dalam melodi cinta yang senantiasa kau lantunkan untukku dari sudut singgasana indahmu~

Ini adalah perjuangan, jalan yang tengah aku tempuh, dimana di ujung sana telah menanti hadiah terindah dalam hidupku, ya, itu adalah kamu ...

Seberat apapun perjuangan yang akan aku hadapi dan lewati ini,
aku akan mencoba untuk tetap tegar ...
karena, kamu... telah menantiku di ujung jalan sana
Sembunyi dibalik sayap indahmu,
namun cahaya dan harum tubuhku telah dapat aku nikmati nyatanya dari tempatku berada kini

Sampai jumpa di ujung jalan sana ...
Dan terus mainkan birama dan melodi cinta itu untukku
agar aku tidak lagi salah melangkah
aku ingin tetap berjalan di jalurku...

Birama cinta darimu akan menjadi penuntunku ketika aku muai melangkah ke arah yang salah ...
Jalanku, langkah kakiku, akan kutujukan untuk menjemputmu, belahan jiwaku ...
Tunggu aku disana ya~