Minggu, 18 Desember 2011


What makes you special?
You're just an ordinary human. You have neither miracle nor magic.
Yet they who ever lived in your life came back into your qiet life today.

What did they really want from you?
From the deepest heart, you yourself never really understand exactly.

In the past, they left you easily for some unacceptable reasons.
But today, they think they can come back as easy as they ever did before.
Your heart doesn't have enough space to put them anymore. Moreover, it only an useless thing to do.

How can they go and return easily as their wishes?

They glimpse you. It only happens when thet had boredom feeling with their own life.
You resemble a shelter to take. They never really care about what you feel inside.
Be patient. It won't happen permanently.

You only need to keep believing.
Be taught in your way, in yor decision which you have made.
Every decision need sacrifice to go on ...
Focus on your primary purpose, just trying hard not to really care about what they said or what they did.

They who were really your truly friend will always support your decision as long as it doesn't prohibite God's rules.

Just stay on your way ...
And keep doing the best thing for other people surround you persistently.
You must make them smile as much as you can!

So, what makes you special?
Only God knows the answer.
"The one and only thing that i have is ... this persistence"

Keep Spirit! :)

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  1. waow, your improvement in english was unpredictable. Slow but sure :)
    standing applause for you darl
    as long as you can breathe easily
    you can get ur brighter future easily too
    this is a wish :)

    *put my hands up for you*