Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

Reddish Island

The reddish light was shining me directly below my head. I’m almost blinded by that glare. Suddenly a shadow came closer to me. I kept standing there, waiting for that shadow show its shape.
Surprisingly, that shadow was you. Your face was still hidden behind your long flowing red robe, but I could identify you easily.

“Where have you been? I’m almost burned down waiting here for you…” My tears were endured.

I tried looking for your face behind that robe.
You kept quiet. You bowed deeper than before. That made me harder to find your eyes. I could not find it whereas I’m trying harder to do that.

I couldn’t restrain my tears dropping on my cheek.
This sob were heard, it is touching your heart exactly.
Finally, you opened your robe. Reddish light was shone around you. It made me impressed.

You put your palm on my cheek, you wipe my tears.
“Stop crying, sweetheart. I went for a long time to find something special for you” your voice calm me down.
I was trying to stop crying. I wanted to see what you’ve brought to me.
You showed something on your hand.
There was a crystal red heart lied on your palm. It was shining the reddish light.

I love red. That’s why I love staying in here even it means I have to wait you for so long time.
This island taught me a lot of valuable things. Waiting for such a long time won’t always ended up with sad story.

There was a smile depicted on your face. Sincere smile which could make me feels like flying to the moon.
There were so much reddish light here. The sun was starting to go down/ it also reflected reddish light. It increased this romantic situation.
Here, there were only you and me standing face to face. Your tender hand held me lovingly.
Let me stayed in this way. I didn’t wanna feel loss anymore.
I begged you not to ever go again. We have found what we were looking for very long time. So, there was no excuse for you to go away from me once more.

Right now, in our hand we are holding this reddish heart. Day by day, I promise to keep this heart patiently in order that this heart will grow bigger than before.

“This heart was mine, but furthermore I want it to be ours…” your last statement affirmed my conviction.
You held my hand tighter, it made me feel more peaceful.

“Thank you for your beautiful gift. I’ll keep it with my whole heart…”

That was the end of that day. The glow around us was getting darker. But the light from this reddish heart won’t ever stop shining.
It reflected our love that will never stop loving each other, until the end of time …

created by : dwardhani
In my warm room, December 17th 20.20

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