Rabu, 14 Desember 2011

Love Writing (?)

I am writing a letter to you right now.
I always write it every Sunday morning after we have separated since 3 months ago.
You went to Dutch after you had gotten scholarship on there.
I am going to send this letter to the post office tomorrow.
I always go to the post office by bicycle when I have already written the letter.
Last week, I met your parents in the post office.
Your parents and I are going to pick you up in the airport next month.

Well, those are some sentences which i did for my final exam in Grammar one
hihi, actually that was very simple story to tell, but i'm proud of my own self
Taking grammar program is a very bored thing to do, but i try to enjoy it day by day...
At least, i can write (even) a simple story with correct grammar :D

As you know, i am a girl who really loves writing so much
And by now, i want to improve my skill to write in English version
Of course just simple story as i wrote in the opening of this post :)
I also want to write poems in English actually, but i'm not be able to do that. (I meant, not yet) Someday, i believe if i have strong will, i can achieve that hope :)
Yeah, that's one of my hopes, not just wishes :)

Honestly, I want to take writing and translation program also. But unfortunately, i didn't have much time to stay here :(

Oh, I almost forget! I haven't told you before where I was now :)
Next, I promise to make a special post about this lovable village :)

So, see you in next posting!

P.S : Always improve your language everyday. Special for speaking, never worry to make some mistakes. Just say it! as tagline's from my English course, Mr. Bob Said : "Speaking without thinking!"

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