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Kampung Inggris - Pare, Kediri (Recommended Restaurant)

There is no word to describe this village. It's a very lovable awesome village i've ever visited :)

In this Posting, i want to share about food which you can eat there.
There are some cafe/restaurants where you can spoil your stomach :)

I recommend these for you ...

1. Bali House
    It is located in Dahlia street. Bali house not only a restaurant but also a boarding house which full of facilities that can satisfy the occupant who visited or maybe stayed in there. You can surfing until you tired since wi-fi's signal here is very strong :). It is a very recommended restaurant, since the atmosphere there was very comfortable and especially for me, it gives me a lot of memories which i'll never forget :)

Here some pics to show you how the atmosphere there ...

And here are some menus which is available there ...

 lemon tea

 chicken teriyaki

spicy cah kangkung + oceanavy

2. Sribu Asri
    It is located quite far from Pare. I forgot the exactly street, but from garuda statue, you can go left and there will be a gas station in the right way, and the alley to go to Sribu asri is not far from that gas station. In this restaurant, you can fishing first before you roast your fish into special menu, "honey roasted fish"

 Finally, he got his fish :D

 this is the pond

 another angle ;)

 they're too excited to get their fish ;)

 taraaaa.. here they are. hmm, yummy :9

i won't ever forget you guys :)

3. Klasik Cafe
    It is located before The Daffodils. You can go there through Dahlia Street. There is an alley beside "Access" and just go straight and you'll find this Cafe. Basically, the place is as comfort as the others. But in my opinion, The menu here haven't enough variation. Yet it still recommended place to visit :)

 ice cappucinno + french fries

boiled kribo + ice milk

and we enjoyed our dinner :)

4. Mushroom Cafe
    It is located in BP Sudirman street, in front of Apollo store. This restaurant offers a lot of kind of food which is made from mushroom. There are so many menu here, but i only taking one picture. Basically, it is very recommended restaurant to visit since the place is clean and healthy and the taste of their menu is also delicious :)

 named Fuyung hay mushroom

 another pic

i love it very much! ;)

5. Ketan Daffodils
     As the name, it is located not far from The Daffodils. fyi, the Daffodils is one of courses which is located in the middle of rice field. The view was very awesome. And the price for one portion of the "ketan" is only Rp. 1.500. Very cheap but still delicious. My favourite menu is milk ketan :)

 this is the view in the afternoon

 here it is, milk ketan :)

close-up angle :)

Those are some of recommended restaurant in Pare, Kediri, East Java. There are so many other places to visit in there. Never worry you won't find a place to eat there. So, if you want to know more, you better go there by your self! :)

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