Minggu, 15 Januari 2012

New Year Celebration in Kediri

Where did you spend your new year's night??

I spent it in Kediri, East Java.
with my boarding house mate :)

"Gumul" is a building which is located in the middle of five junction. it becomes one of tourism place to be visited in Kediri. The architecture of this building is very awesome. it seems like in overseas :)

These are pics of Gumul ...

 in the morning

at night with lighting shine around it

These are some pics to show you how the new year's eve was in Kediri. exactly in Simpang Lima, Gumul.

it happened on 12 am when everyone blow their trumpet together

one of fireworks after we passed 2011 and welcoming 2012

and it's the other

For your information, i never celebrate new year's night before. When i was in Jakarta, i usually spent new year's night by stay at home, make a little roasted party in my home yard with all of my lovely family.
But i felt something different in the beginning of 2012.

I think Allah made something special for me to begin this year, with full of happiness. I hope it will reflect my life during 2012. it means, my life will be as happy as the beginning of this year. Aamiin :)

Remember, keep positive thinking with Allah will never let you feel in vain since Allah is Most Gracious, Most Merciful :)

We enjoyed the fireworks until a half to one, then we decided to go home.
But, unfortunately. We couldn't go back since the street was full of people ...

Finally, we waited until the street a little bit quite. while waited, we enjoyed our time by having dinner (exactly : midnight meal)

I do love my new year's night there and all of the memories which i will never forget.

I hope someday, i can go back there, soon :)

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    1. hey, where do you come from? East Java? or you ever visited Kediri? :)
      Nice to know you. I also miss gumul. it's a very lovable place :)