Rabu, 16 Mei 2012

Perfect Day

There is no perfection in the world,but for me, a grateful is one kind of ways to appreciate this life as if we felt that perfection in our life...

From the start to the end of May, 15th 2012 = totally a perfect day. Thanks everyone, especially you <3

May, 15th 2012

01.00 1 New Message on my cell phone
one special message from someone whom i've been waiting for, and yap.. finally he had been the first special person who said happy birthday for me

And there are some messages during a day

also some calls
the special one came from someone lives in Jogja... Hey you, I miss you :*

And the time goes on..
There is a sweet surprise from some of my friends in my major...

also another gift given by one of my besties..

and there is a little balloon party special held on @sigmatvunj

And there are bunch of happiness i felt yesterday :D

it's hard to describe them by these words...

still on the same day.. May, 15th 2012

23.55 1 New Message on my cell phone
The happiness seems like didn't want to stop on May 15th 2012.

Even in almost the end of the day, there is a message which had made me feel that yesterday was really a perfect day ever <3


Thankyou Allah SWT, Mama, Papa, Mba Sari, Mba Ratri, Haris..

Thanks for you whose the name i shouldn't mention here. You just need to stay in my heart, don't need any publication to anyone or anything in this world.. <3

I Love You <3

~Thanks Everyone~

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