Minggu, 27 November 2011

Guardian Angel

wondering ...

here it is, the place where i found you ...
the only place which i can only dream before ...

Yesterday, i only met you in my dream
and when i close my eyes, there's no you anymore
but now, you come to my life
in my reality
not only just a dream
you've bring that heaven to me ...

i do believe, this is a heaven
and you are one of the guardian angel who live in here :)

Let me be a part of your life
Never really want to beg you, because you'll give me that chance easily ...

I do miss you in all my every single day
In every second in my life
and every single breath that i take

Loving you is like food to my soul
Give me more power to grow ...

My Guardian Angel,
please stay on there
the place which i'll always can find you every time i'll need you

My Guardian Angel,
I Love You~

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