Senin, 25 November 2013

New Phase


Yap, i'm on that phase right now
Actually wanna continue my study to Post Graduate Program
but, umm... it's about financial
Ok, skip

by the way,
I want to share about this new phase
New environment,
New responsibilities,
New colleagues (Yes, i called it colleagues, not friends)
New rules

Almost one month here,
and my conclusion is.....
my English is so BAD! errr~
Yes, I'm working in multinational company where every employees using English in their daily conversation.
The percentage of using English is about 70 : 30 for the Indonesian employees, and of course 100% English for the foreign employees.
How bout me? emmmm~
This phase made me realize that my English is really really bad :(

But on the other way,
this phase also force me to improve my English so much better than before

Minimally 6 months here, i hope there will be a good alteration in my daily conversation
I also took a new class of English every Saturday haha
It will be started on early January 2014
I hope later I can chit chat freely with that foreigner hihihi

Enjoy this new phase
although this is really new world for me, but I believe I will learn so many new experiences from here

to be honest, this is one of the hardest phase that I have to pass
but it's Okay :)
Mom's pray always strengthen me through this way o:)

There will be a brighter way after this
it's just about process
So, enjoy the process :)

3 komentar:

  1. You know what, when I had mistaken with my pronounce, people will laugh at me. My english is far a way from a basic conversation that bule-bule mada. huft.

  2. Hihi, for me, my problem is not only about pronunciation, I also don't know how to give a direct feedback when they're talking to me :(
    uwuwuwuw, would you like to teach me?

    Anyway, i read your recent post on blog. Your English is awesome! :)