Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

You Seems Like a Coast in My Life :)

God never let me fall in a same foolishness twice, right?

I sat on the edge of coast, enjoyed seeing the waves while was thinking ...

Have I ever asked you to complete my life?
Have I ever begged you to stay with me?
Have I ever asked you texting me everyday?
Have I ever forced you to make me laugh every single day?

The Answer is NO...

Everything happens naturally ...

And we both know that we enjoy it, really.

God is Most Gracious, Most Merciful

God always gives us happiness even we forgot to ask it frequently

God gives me that happiness through your self

Now, all the things i'm thinking about is just my promises ...
My promise to never fall in a same pit twice

The question is ...
"Are you as bad as my old memories?"
"Are you?"

I hope not ...

Deeply in my heart, i'm starting fall for you
Yet, i won't let my heart will be hurt anymore

For this time, i just want to enjoy this feeling
This Lovable feeling, from you :)

Let time answer our question ...
I won't broke everything that we have built
Yes, unconsciously we have built it step by step in our own heart
Hopefully, someday it'll become a great love kingdom for our future :)

Stay on there, and let's enjoy our time that was given by Allah
Don't make this opportunity become useless :)

The shore wind caress me tenderly
Brought my heart flew for you ...

This coast reminds me of your smile :)
I can't wait going back home and meet you ... <3

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