Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

Starting Point

When will you feel that you have to start something?
When will you decide in one point you feel that your life was bored and need something different?

In that situation you must be hate your life, wanna scream loudly and tell to everyone that you are always there but they can't feel it.

Changing. You really need that change.
If you ask "when" the best time to change, the best answer is you have to change NOW.

The person who can decide when the starting point begin is YOU. yeah, yourself. There is no aother person will know you better than your self.

And now, i'm trying to decide, from now this is my starting point to change.
it must'nt be as simple as i can imagine.
But that can't be the reason to make me stop.

Change your own life. Do something different. And reach your dream start from a simple thing. Cheer up! :')

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